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Free Format

If you wish to reflect almost all you see in one picture, you should change the laws of the composition, give it more freedom, and in such a way make it more true to life. It doesn't mean that we want to abolish the square format as it is. It should work for our everyday life. But when an artist feels uncomfortable in the narrow form of the usual format, another choice is Free Format, the real art of the future, and that will change his life forever.
This is the brand new vision of life, giving us the wonderful power of the magic flight over the whole world, flight over the eternity.

Free Format
The Concept
The Possibilities

The paintings of series "Free Format"
Island of Sakhalin
Land of volcanoes
Map of Kamchatka
The golden light bay
Place of force III (A thousand of highlights)
Lost world
The thawed patches
Crack of the world
The space of Far East

Eastern Album

Man starts his way. He follows the call of some unknown force. In a jiffy the white plane crosses Russia from the West to the East, and he arrives a magic place full of wild nature, high mountains, cold sea and impassible deep forests. He meets people who are ready to join him in his adventures and tames big black dogs to protect himself, he feels the mountain wind that strikes him right into the face and drinks fresh water from a forest stream. He sails in a small boat in the middle of an emerald bay and catches salmon fish by his hands. He watches the multicolored rainbow over the dormant volcano and makes a fire right in the middle of the forest. This wonderful land brings him happiness and anxiety, truth and error...
And the name of that land is...



The paintings of series "Eastern Album"
Dreaming in the sky
Planet of sky
The arch
The place of force
Water and fire
Salmon's way
Watch the moon
The night road

The Unsaid

Your silent knowledge keeps the memories of your endless roads. Some of them made you lonely and empty and your soul was ill, other gave you love and happiness, leading you through snowy mountain peaks and spacious blue sea...  

The paintings of series "The Unsaid"
Spiritual nets
Fire blessing
My window
Through life
The last autumn
The best guide
Field of life


...here, in Kamchatka, you start to feel the hidden powers of the planet, its extraordinary force that pulls up tons of ground high up to the sky, smelting and crashing the mountains like chocolate bars. It gives birth to huge waves deep in the ocean, sending them in all directions all over the world...  

The paintings of series "Kamchatka"
The clarity
A strange place
To reach the other bank
A place to step forward
They are gone
Until the new navigationnew
Eternal conversationnew
Villuchej's realmnew
Until it sleepsnew
Morning of the baynew
Three Brothersnew

Oval of Sakhalin

Scientists believe that our earth is round. It has maps with continents and oceans, and we see that it's endlessly round. But when a man starts to cross it, he sees only the great horizon ahead and the sky above him. Then he finally reaches the horizon line and comes to an earth edge, where the new point of his travel starts. This mystical edge becomes his new home. He forgets about the past, he lives one day at a time and in the end he flashes with a bright light of realizing.  

The paintings of series "Oval of Sakhalin"
A staircase
A fire and wind play
Playing with the wind
The wind
A wind and grass play
Sakhalin pastoral
A dream by the ocean
The golden snippet of our way
The fog
Into the narrow gates
The yellow road
Two hearts
Farewell to Sakhalin

The Splinters of Chukotka's Landscape

Each of us writes the own life story, day after day. The letters written with a finger on a river sand bank, will disappear in a moment, while the last fall sunset is burning dowin in Rauchua river valley. But this moment worth starting the long way here.  

The paintings of series "The Splinters of Chukotka's Landscape"
The sunrise
Arctic spring
Maly Anyuj river
Near Anadyr
Blue horizons
The stream
Chukotka's window
The mineral of the setting sun
Bay of Cross
Lights of fall
The red tundra
Thin horizons


A Place to Step Forward ***
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